Wet Room Specialists

It is not hard to see why one of the most popular trends in modern bathroom design is the wet room. Compared to a traditional bathroom set up, there are many benefits to choosing an open plan bathroom design like this one. As they are far more spacious and features a drain inset into a gently sloping floor, it is not only much easier to clean, it also boasts improved accessibility for those with impaired mobility (for example, those who require a stick or wheelchair to help them get around).

Additional Features..

As an open plan design also offers space for additional features such as a grab bars and towel rails, choosing a wet room shower for easy access can help many individuals to retain their independence and privacy at home.

In addition to the many safety benefits they provide, it can also help to limit the water damage to your home. As an impenetrable membrane is used beneath slip resistant tiling, wet room designs are not only leak-proof but less likely to suffer the condensation damage seen in traditional bathroom designs.

Wet rooms are also compatible with all types of underfloor heating, ideal for saving on radiator space and perfect for that added touch of luxury. The number of spacious designs available at The kitchen & bathroom studio also means that a wet room is also an excellent way to add a contemporary touch to your home.